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About Healthtips1978.com

Why this Website is made?

Being a normal person, I am afraid of going to seek a medical doctor because of medicine and injections. Therefore, I mostly search for alternatives to medicines from home remedies.

In most of the cases, I found kitchen products home remedies really useful that gave me stunning results in several cases like Skin Whitening, Hair Removal, Weight Loss and many more.

Keeping in view the good results of home remedies, I decided to make this blog for the help of people “who think and search like me”.

About the Author:

Zeshan Pervez: A passionate blogger with exuberant knowledge about Health & Fitness, Web Designing & Development and sound knowledge of online marketing and SEO. He loves to write about Health Topics with proper research.

You can explore the categories and study about different topics in detail. All the articles are written with complete history, symptoms, reasons, causes, and treatment with different remedies.

What we Share on Healthtips1978.com

We share General Health Tips, Exercises and Easy Home Remedies for first application before approaching to the doctor.

We share detailed articles for our visitors to know about a particular topic with alternative means to deal with the problems by our Simple Home Remedies.

Always follow to your doctor to determine whether or not the actual medical care, service, product or treatment delineate on the website is appropriate in your circumstances.

Content on this website is provided for information solely. Medical care, service, product or treatment available on this website doesn’t support the use of such medical care, service, product or treatment without the consent of your doctor.

The information and materials contained on this web site aren’t supposed to represent a comprehensive guide regarding all aspects of the medical care, product or treatment delineate on the web site.

All users are advised to get recommendations from a registered health care practitioner for the best answers to their medical queries.

Healthtips1978 shall not bear any liability for reliance by any user on the materials contained on this web site. Let’s explore healthtips1978