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Birth Control Implant

Birth Control Implant Benefits

Birth Control Implant is such a method to deal with the increasing population worldwide. It comes in the head of family planning methods.

Birth Control Implant

In This Section we will discuss in detail about the Birth Control Implant. Other connecting topics of the Ho subject are as follow:

How effective is the implant?

How can I get the implant?

What happens when the implant is inserted?

How safe is the implant, and What are the benefits of the implant?

Birth Control Implant


Birth Control or decreasing the chances of being pregnant deals more frequently with the questions like what are the disadvantages of the implants and What happens when the implant is removed. In this article we will share the detailed answers for the questions mentioned above.

Before going in details, let me tell you that all these methods required proper procedure and experts to deal with. If Birth Control Implant is not used or inserted properly, there may be several chances of infections. Let’s know more about “Birth Control Implant”.

What is the birth control implant?


The birth control implant (AKA Nexplanon) is a small skinny rod with the size of a matchstick. The main purpose of the Birth Control implanon is to get hormones into your body that avoids from getting pregnant. A qualified nurse or doctor does the [procedure to insert the implant into your arm.

In this way normally women remain pregnancy free for about 04 years. This method is simple so get it inserted inside the arm and forget the chances of pregnancy.

How does the implant work?


As we told on the above lines that birth control implant is a tiny device generally called Nexplanon. The previous versions came by the name of Implanon. A qualified doctor performs the procedure and inserts the implant beneath the skin of your upper arm. In this way the released hormone ensure to stop getting pregnant.

Birth Control Implant

Birth Control Implant checks the pregnancy by two ways:

Very firstly the progestin thickens the mucus in cervix and stops the sperm swimming through eggs. It’s pretty good to stop the meeting of sperms with egg and resultantly the chances of being pregnant become low.

Birth control pills also play an important part to put a full stop on pregnancy. Progestin ensures the process of ovulation.

Birth Control Implant

One of the best things about Birth Control implanon is the longer period for pregnancy free life about 04 years. When you like to become pregnant again, you can visit your doctor and remove the tiny chip. After removal the chip you are able to conceive.

Does the implant prevent STDs?


A big “No” because Nexplanon have no guarantee to prevent from sexually transmitted diseases. For prevention against STDS, you must need precautions while having intercourses. For prevention against STDS you can go for male/female condoms every time you wish to become physical.

Use of Condom with Birth Control Implant is a best way to enjoy a safe life.


What Are the Benefits of Birth Control Implant?

There are many benefits of Birth Control Implant because this method is really simple, convenient, safety and reliable. This is the main reason that mostly female love to go for this process. Due to reliability and simplicity women demands for an implant. Some of the high ranking factors of the implant are as under:

  • No daily medicine required for prevention from pregnancy and an implant is sufficient for the purpose.
  • No preparatory work required before vaginal intercourse, simply go ahead when you desire to make love.
  • It has long lasting effects of four years and there are no chances of sterilization that is really bad for your health.
  • In breastfeeding mothers an implant does not effect on human body nor damages the blood or milk of mothers.
  • It is really simple and easy to become pregnant when you dismantle the Birth Control Implant.
  • There are many women and ladies who opt for alternative methods of birth control and an implant is a proven device with very low risks.


What Are the Disadvantages of Birth Control Implant?

It is a dilemma that when we talk about the cons or disadvantages of Birth Control implanon, numerous problem may occur. Breast cancer patients stay away to use birth control Nexplanon.

  • Some negative effects may occur like irregular bleeding for the first 06-12 months. It is difficult to finish the side effects. These may be reduced upto some extent including
  • In the presence of Nexplanon there may be fewer and lighter menstrual periods.
  • There may be light bleeding with increasing spotting.
  • A very low ratio from 01 out of 03 women can feel stoppage of periods.
  • Some of the reported problems include Sore breasts, Nausea, Change in sex drive, Weight gain, Pain at the insertion site or Headache.
  • Some time Skin texture changes from the actual to different after the implants insertion.

Serious Side Effects of Birth Control Implant


When you face any serious problem, must visit your nearest or your specialist doctor to avoid any increase in your problems.

  • Prolonged and unusually heavy bedding
  • New lumps on your breast
  • No periods at all in some cases
  • some ladies also reported with the increased redness, pus, bleeding or pain at insertion point


How Effective is a Birth Control Implant?


This method is very good and reported as one of the best methods that prevents from pregnancy and ensure safety in health manners of the ladies. The prolonged period for being safe is about 04 years and only 01 out 100 women became pregnant.

Research showed that those women who used Birth Control Implants faced the low effectiveness due to use of HIV medicines, TB medicines, Herbals, Yeast medicines, mental disorder medicines and Anti-seizure medicines.

Is it Safe to use Birth Control Implant?


In general speaking the methods of “Birth Control Implant” is pretty safe and good for health but it depends on the personal life style of women. To know more about your own personal life must consult the doctor or health care provider.

Apart from safety of Birth Control Implant, some risks remain. Likewise, breast cancer patients stay away from an implant.

How to get implanon Inserted and Removed?


After examination of an expert doctor and your complete medical history, your GP will perform a physical procedure. Then the doctor will apply a painkiller before insertion. It is a procedure of just few minutes.

Effectiveness lasts for 04 years but you have an option to remove at anytime. The removal process is also very simple and easy to use but your doctor will perform well. If some girl needs to carry on the process for longer time, she must try to change the Birth Control Implant after 03 years with a new device after consultation with the doctor.

What is the cost of Birth Control Implant?


When we talk about the expenses incurred on Birth Control Implant, there are variations in cost and procedures depending upon the material and company of the device. After selection a doctor, you must check first the available options according to your medical history.

The cost of Birth Control Implant may range from $0-800 but removal cost may be between $0-300. All the procedures depend upon your health insurance.

For more details about nexplanon and implanon you can visit Birth Control or visit Family planning methods and their side effects.

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