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Cholera Definition Symptoms and Treatment | Full Guide 2019

Cholera Definition Symptoms and Treatment | Full Guide 2019

Cholera Definition Symptoms and Treatment: First of all we need to learn about what is cholera? In this article, we will study in detail. Diarrhea is the basic and main symptom of cholera. Mostly, cholera appear due to infection created by the V. cholera bacteria. V. cholera bacteria was first time discovered in 1883.

Robert Koch was the scientist who studied in detail about the disease in Egypt. In his study of V. cholera bacteria, he observed the intestines of dead bodies that died due to cholera.

Furthermore, Robert Koch discovered that V. cholera bacteria live in shallow and salty water. In microscopic scan he investigated that such bacteria exist in colonies of biofilms. They form a coating of water, plants, stones, and similar items among the eggs of midges.

Cholera Definition Symptoms and Treatment | Full Guide 2019

With the growth of bacteria, Toxic strains of cholera generate a poison. Eventually, diarrhea appears in patients. The most important factor to curb the V-cholera bacteria are population loss and better sanitation.

Cholera Symptoms

In general studies, 1 to 20 cholera infections may be severe but here are many people who have very low signs and symptoms of cholera. Doctor says that it takes between 12 hours and 5 days after exposure of Cholera.

Cholera Symptoms include:

There are following main symptoms of Cholera including unstable watery diarrhea, vomiting and leg cramps. During Cholera Symptoms, the body of a patient quickly loses fluids ranging up to 20 liters a day. Dehydration and shock can occur in Cholera patients.

Dehydration Signs: as it is clear from the above discussion that Cholera causes Diarrhea that leads towards dehydration. In hydration, liquids in human body decreases from the normal range. Some of the main signs and symptoms of Diarrhea include

  • Dry mouth
  • Fast heartbeat
  • Low blood pressure
  • Sunken eyes
  • Loose skin
  • Dizziness or lightheadedness
  • Decreased secretion, for example, less sweating
  • Rapid weight loss

Cholera Definition Symptoms and Treatment | Full Guide 2019

Shock during cholera can collapse the circulatory system and also is an alarming situation in medical emergency.

Causes of Cholera

Mainly, the most important factor causing Choler is poor housing and sanitation conditions. It is commonly occurred because of overcrowding and poor sanitation. V-Cholera bacteria enter in the human body through mouth.

Also, eating seafood is another main cause of Cholera. Apart from Seafood, semi cooked meals, and oysters or crabs can also add up the V-Cholera formation. Unhygienic vegetables or contaminated water resources increase the growth rate of cholera infection.

Some time rate of cholera patients increases but it happens in the areas like low sanitized including refugee camps or communities with limited water resources. Victims of cholera cause contamination of water for an entire population.

Cholera Definition Symptoms and Treatment | Full Guide 2019

Diagnosis of Cholera

When patients report with watery diarrhea, vomiting, and rapid dehydration they become prey of Cholera. Doctor conduct some of the medical tests to diagnose problem consisting upon stool sample, laboratory tests and general physical examination.

If cholera is suspected, patients can start medication before the laboratory test reports for best treatment of cholera.

Treatment of Cholera: Normally, dehydration leads to death from cholera. Therefore, the most important treatment for cholera patients is best solution for dehydration. ORS or oral rehydration therapy is an important factor to deal with patients of cholera.

Large volume of water is mixed with a blend of sugar and salts to sooth the human body and gut. ORS recipe is the best solution with common household ingredients. In severe cases, intravenous fluid replacement is mandatory. For example, an adult of 70 kg will require at least 07 liters of intravenous fluids.

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Disadvantages of Anti-diarrheal medicines:

Anti-diarrheal medicines prevent the bacteria from flushing out of the body but with the proper use of medication, care and treatment, the rate may decrease around 01 percent.

Prevention from cholera

The most important and best remedy to deal with the patients of cholera is use of Antibiotics. With the help of antibiotics, duration of illness can be reduced. WHO discourages the high use of antibiotics for cholera patients because the chances of bacterial resistance.

As we have discussed above in detail that Cholera often spread through food and poor hygiene. Following are some simple yet very effective measures that reduce the chances of cholera.

  • Hand washing is important to prevent the spread of disease.
  • When traveling in areas where the disease is endemic, it is important to eat only fruit you have peeled.
  • Avoid salads, raw fish, and uncooked vegetables.
  • Ensure that food is thoroughly cooked.
  • Make sure water is bottled or boiled and safe to consume.
  • Avoid street food, as this can carry cholera and other diseases.
  • Travelers should learn about cholera before visiting a country where it is prevalent.

Cholera Definition Symptoms and Treatment | Full Guide 2019

It is highly recommended that if people experience symptoms such as leg cramps, vomiting, and diarrhea, must seek doctors advice.

Cholera vaccination

There are three cholera vaccines available in the markets and are recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). Dukoral, Shanchol, and Euvichol are Cholera medications / vaccination.

All of the above three vaccinations of cholera need two doses for a complete and full protection.

Dukoral is normally used with clean water and is able to provide 65 percent protection for about 02 years. Shanchol and Euvichol are not used with water. They ensure 65 percent protection for 05 years.

Cholera Risk factor Careers

People consuming food or water infected with the V. cholera include

  • People dealing with cholera infected individuals
  • Relief workers with cholera outbreaks
  • People traveling in areas where cholera was spread

The following people might be at risk of a severe reaction to V. cholera including

  • People suffering with achlorydia
  • Individuals with blood group type “O”
  • People with chronic medical conditions


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