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Family planning methods and their side effects

Side Effects of Family Planning Methods

Family planning methods and their side effects is our today’s topic. Family planning methods and their side effects

I will provide you information regarding all the useful and working methods to deal with family planning goals. From ancient time people have been using different types of contraception.

In this article we will try to educate people about family planning and Contraception methods. We will also talk about female contraception and forms of contraception.

Similarly, being pregnant is really great and every lady dreams of having kids. Those female who have already kids does not like to become pregnant any more.

So, they try different methods for family planning. Some of the wide spread and commonly used female contraception methods are as under:

  • Male Condoms
  • Birth Control Pills
  • Female Condoms
  • Birth control implant
  • Birth control implant vs iud
  • Iud implant in arm
  • Implanon vs mirena iud. For more you can Google.

Family planning methods and their side effects


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Furthermore, there are many medicines that also prevent pregnancy. Due to which, Family planning methods and their side effects can vary from person to person.

Therefore, consult you doctor first.

Hormonal Implants

Hormonal Implants are graded as one of the best and high in demand methods to deal with female contraception. Success Rate of Hormonal implants is 99%.

Likewise, here are some benefits and disadvantages of this method to guide ladies and women to treat such issues.

Therefore, know more about “Family planning methods and their side effects”.


  • It is a long term method of birth control. Believed that by this method woman can be safe from pregnancy for 03 years after insertion.
  • This is easy to remove when needed, But you have to visit your doctor or a health care provider to change it with a new one.
  • Success rate of Hormonal Implants is very effective against pregnancy.
  • Very helpful for those female who reports for heavy menstrual periods.


Every method of birth control or types of contraception has some merits and demerits. Some of the common problems faced by female of Hormonal implants, here are its disadvantages.

  • It is not much helpful against STIs.
  • It is needed to undergo for a minor surgery for insertion of the tiny rod underneath the skin.
  • At the time of changing the device or removal of hormonal implant women face a minor surgery.
  • Some of the patients complained with irregular menstrual periods, depression, nervousness, hair loss and weight gain problems.
  • Hormonal implants may cause infection in the area where capsule is implanted.

Family planning methods and their side effects


Types of contraception

Intra-Uterine Device (IUD)

Intra Uterine Device is another helpful method of “family planning methods and their side effects”. Its Success Rate 99%.


  • It’s really result oriented method for Contraception. Also much effective against pregnancy and birth control.
  • The doctor place the device or implant in your uterus and ensures high protection against pregnancy. Right after insertion in the uterus it starts protecting the chances of pregnancy.
  • Get Intra Uterine Device inserted in the uterus and do not worry to take extra contraceptive pills during sexual intercourse.
  • IUD device is also beneficial and does not need daily care or checking. You have to examine the device once in a month at the time of your menstrual period.
  • Lets talk about comfort level and safety. You and your partner cannot feel the IUD. But, sometime your partner may feel the string inside.
  • It is helpful and very easy to use. Any time the IUD can be removed whenever you need to get pregnant.


While discussing about the demerits or disadvantages of Intra Uterine Device, this type of contraception has following problems:

  • IUD is not supportive in protection against STIs. In the case of high risk of STI, it is not recommended to use at all.
  • IUD’s can be placed or implanted in uterus only by a health care provider.
  • Some time IUD may damage or puncture the uterus.
  • The copper IUD has worst effects like menstrual cramping. Some time heavier menstrual cycles and spotting occurs between menstrual periods that can cause higher risk of infection.

Family planning methods and their side effects


Depo-Provera Hormonal Injection

Depo Provera Hormonal Injection is another form of Contraception methods. Its success rate is 94%.

Family planning methods and their side effects discussion leads towards Depo-Provera injection. Here are some of its advantages.


  • Every injection ensures protection against pregnancy for 03 months.
  • If Depo-Provera injection is used by a GP. Therefore, it is very effective against pregnancy.
  • Doesn’t interrupt sexual activity.
  • Often women stop getting their menstrual period after having Depo-Provera injection
  • It is also a good sign in birth control or contraception methods that menstrual period returns after stopping injections.
  • This form of female contraception is also helpful in protection against uterine cancer.


  • Doesn’t protect well against the issues regarding STIs.
  • After every three months you have to consult your doctor and need to get an injection.
  • In many cases people get free health care insurance. Your birth control may be free so you donot need to go for such forms of female contraception.
  • Some of the side effects generally reported may be weight gain, tiredness, and decrease in bone strength. Therefore, consult your doctor.
  • Many female reported irregular menstrual bleeding or spotting during first 3 to 6 months of procedure.

Family planning methods and their side effects

Birth Control Implant Vs IUD-Detailed Study

Birth Control Pills

People have been using birth control pills from ancient times. Women love to use pills due to easy and simple technique. Birth control pills ensure success rate of 91%.

Read here advantages of birth control pills because low knowledge is dangerous. Try to learn much but with care. Likewise, there are many article on internet.

First of all you need to select your preferred broth control method. Certainly, you will find the costing plan. Therefore, Following detail will help you more.


  • It is very simple and easy methods to stay away from pregnancy.
  • By using birth control pills, there are no chances of irregular or heavy menstrual periods.
  • Proper use of birth control pills decreases menstrual cramps and acne.
  • Furthermore, birth control pills have less chance to get ovarian and uterine cancer. Above all, less chances of pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cysts and anemia. Hence, must try birth control pills with the recommendation of your doctor.


  • Doesn’t protect against STIs.
  • One of the main drawback of birth control pills is to remember every day eating a pill at the same time.
  • Women who are already on medicine are not encouraged to intake.
  • Some time use of birth control pills can cause side effects like nausea, increased appetite, headaches and very rarely blood clots.
  • You cannot consume or buy birth control pills without a doctor prescription.
  • Though you consume birth control pills but still you or your partner needs condom to minimize the risk of STDs.

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Male Condom

Male Condoms is another major and widely used for family planning methods having proven success rate of 82%. Due to easy method boys love it.

Consequently, here are some advantages of using Male Condoms.


  • There are very low chances or risk of STIs.
  • It is best practice to stay away from STI or STD’s. some of the common brands are available in the market by name of latex condoms.
  • It is easy to use and easy to buy in affordable cost.
  • Male Condoms are easily available in drug stores or departmental stores.
  • You donot need a prescription to buy Male Condoms because public accepts it.
  • It is a myth and mostly male feel they can “last longer” while using a condom.


In the last of this article we will discuss some of the side effects or demerits of suing a Male Condoms.

  • Every time you have to use a new Male Condom for intercourse. One condom works for only only so waste it after use.
  • There are chances that people will be uncomfortable with condoms.
  • Sometimes while inserting condom can tear due to which there are chances of pregnancy.
  • Some women may be allergic to latex or dotted condoms.

Family planning methods and their side effects



Finally, the entire above discussion concludes these contraceptive methods are helpful to avoid pregnancy. But, there are chances of disturbance or irregularity in women monthly life cycles.

Always think about family planning methods and their side effects before taking your final decision.

Always go for a medical advice before adopting any family planning methods. Properly focus on Contraception, female contraception and forms of contraception to stay away from possible their side effects.

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