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Group Health Plan versus Group Health Insurance Plan

Group Health Plan versus Group Health Insurance Plan

Group Health Insurance Plan – What’s the Difference?

Group Health Plan versus Group Health Insurance Plan: Commonly, both the terms “group health plan” and “group health insurance plan” run equally in general public. But in reality, they are not same and explain different meaning. In this article I am going to tell you in detail about “group health plan” and “group health insurance plan”. Scroll below and see the full details.

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Many people have different questions in their mind before choosing any insurance policy but this section will cover all your questions in simple and short answers.

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Group Health Plan vs. Group Health Insurance Plan – What’s the Difference?

Definition: Group Health Plan

Mainly, a group health insurance plan works like an umbrella covering all the minor types of employer provided benefits to the employees. It also covers the employee welfare benefit plans maintained by an employee organization like union. In this plan necessary medical care reaches to the participants directly or through insurance companies in form of reimbursement.

In the same way, one of the most prominent firms is ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act) that is very active in providing the important health insurance plans and benefits to the insured workers. ERISA provides protections also aims plans including access to plan information.

A predefined set standards and procedures ensure quality oriented services to the insured workers in United States of America and other areas of the world where such firms provide their services.

Let’s talk about the salient features of such plans offered by ERISA. Here is a synopsis of group health plans:

  • A self-insured health plan
  • Self-insured medical reimbursement plan
  • Group Health Insurance Plan
  • A group health insurance plan

Group Health Plan vs. Group Health Insurance Plan – What’s the Difference?

In this section of Health Insurance, an employer purchases the main insurance health plan for its employees and distribute the same among eligible dependents.

Here risk is shared over the company and its number of workers covered under specified plan. Normally, following plans are considered best among other health insurance plans including HMO, PPO, etc.

In others words, Group health insurance is employer sponsored health insurance plan where all the expenses are paid by the organization on behalf of the insured persons. Though it is Group health insurance plan but not always a group health insurance plan. In this case mostly insurance firms enjoys much because there are less chances of major incidents.

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Conclusion: Group Health Plan vs. Group Health Insurance Plan are discussed above in detail but in simple words you can segregate the same as per your desire, budget and requirements of the insurance firms.

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