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Implanon versus Mirena IUD

Implanon versus Mirena IUD

Implanon versus Mirena IUD is a study and comparison between both the birth control methods. Both the techniques work well for prevention of pregnancy and egg evolution. Mirena is an intrauterine device called IUD.

Implanon, a birth control method used to stay pregnancy free for up to 03 years.

Implanon versus Mirena IUD

Mirena IUD releases hormone in uterus (intra-uterine device) to stay pregnancy free for up to 5 years. Mirena is best remedy for heavy menstrual bleeding in female.

It discharges miniature amounts of the hormone into your uterus. Structure of the Mirena consists upon soft and flexible plastic.

Trained Gynecologists is important to ask for the procedure. The doctor places this IUD in a routine visit. In the both cases of willing to pregnant or not willing pregnancy, Mirena is preferred.

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Implanon versus Mirena IUD has also good ranking and highly effective to avoid conceiving. Researches show that Mirena IUD is 99% effective.

Therefore, women love to use this technique as compare to other contraception methods.

In LARCs it is one of the best ways to have a healthy life without the fear of “Pregnancy”.

Implanon versus Mirena IUD

The discussion of Implanon versus Mirena IUD ends up with longer safety measures. It prevents pregnancy for about 05 years.

Best thing about Mirena is that after removal of the device, female can become pregnant any time when they need.

Several times 8 out of 10 women were able to conceive within 01 year of Mirena removal. We have talked before that no method is 100% perfect for birth control. But there are chances to increase this rate with proper technique.

It is one of the most effective forms of LARCs.

If you feel problem after insertion of Implanon or Mirena IUD, rush immediately towards your doctor for the expert opinion.

With consultation of your doctor, you can avoid serious problem in future.

Always note and track your daily, weekly and monthly schedule to notice which device or method is more convenient.

Presently the pretty efficient methods of birth control including intrauterine devices like Mirena are on high ranking.

In this article we have tried to answer for Implanon versus Mirena IUD, arm implant birth control.

Also birth control in arm, implanon, IUD birth control and nexplanon implant.

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Detailed comparison of implanon vs Mirena IUD – Users experiences

Birth Control Implant

Sarah Cedo explained her personal experience about Mirena as under:

I had the implanon tiny rod beneath my arm before the birth of  my son.

It hurted my! I was not able to use my arm where I had implanted the device.

I faced this situation for two days.

Overall, the experience was pretty good and it worked well for me”.

Another user explained about Implanon versus Mirena IUD. It was really safe for 05 years. She had NO problem at all but her menstrual period stopped.

She further recommended the mirena, because it is fewer enveloping as compare to the implanon.

Also there are low chances of infection or migration. Sounds weird! Yes in some cases the implanon device was migrated to other parts of the body.

Always focus on your physical health and get regular visits to your GP.

Hence we can say that both ways are perfect to follow. There are no chances of weight gain or mood disorder. Also these methods are safe and risk free of blood clots.

In numerous parts of the world, gynecologists recommend using the both methods like Implanon versus Mirena IUD. This choice is due to longer prevention period, safe to use and less hectic.

Those women, who are comfortable with menopause, like Mirena IUD very much because it stops menstrual period.

People have different opinions and experiences regarding use of Mirena device.

Result also vary from person to person due to several health factors.

“Reeta Rose stated about her Mirena experience as she simply love it due to longer period and safety measures.

She said that after insertion the device she faced no problem for 05 years.

She remained baby free as well as period free.

The only side effects she faced were dislocation of the device from the actual place with little spotting and negligible cramping”.


Keeping in view the detailed study about Implanon versus Mirena IUD, finally we can say that both ways are safe. These methods are also simple and having low side effects.

Before going for final decision, you should study about the suitable techniques according to your health history.

For more help you can Google.

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