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Types of Permanent Hair Removal

Permanent Hair Removal

Lets talk about Types of Permanent Hair Removal or forms of Permanent Hair Removal. It generate many ideas and thoughts start running in our minds. In this page I am going to tell you some useful and properly working methods to conquer the trouble of unwanted hair.

There are many techniques used to remove the body hair with less pain. Also various advertisements attract us towards such methods and solutions for Hair Removal.

Some of these methods are momentary and after few days, hair growth reveals new hair. But on the other hand, there are such types of permanent hair removal that are really good and long lasting.

Types of Permanent Hair Removal


Permanent hair removal methods in ayurveda are also in high demand. Girls / boys love to implement these methods to become hairless with pretty body and skin texture.

In our article it is tried to provide most suitable, less expensive, result oriented and high in demand types of permanent hair removal.

  • Also we have tried to cover questions like
  • What is Laser hair removal
  • How much is Laser hair removal cost
  • Laser hair removal near me
  • Brazilian laser hair removal Technique
  • It is need of the hour to know about “how does laser hair removal work“, how do they do laser hair removal, when to get laser hair removal and will laser hair removal permanently remove hair.

How To Stop Hair Fall Immediately By Home Remedies

To find these questions, read below or read ab. For Hair Fall.

Generally, following methods / techniques are adopted to remove the human body unwanted hair.

  • Electrolysis
  • Threading
  • Sugaring
  • Diode laser hair removal

Not only girls but male are also very conscious about their personality. So, they want to look clean and hairless from certain body parts.

Silky, smooth skin and charming personality is the dream of every human being.

Removing hair below the neck, arms / arms pit, legs and lower abdomen need due care. Therefore,  try such types of permanent hair removal that will make your skin soft, glowing and shinny.

The most rapid and instant method is to use a razor and start shaving. By use of Razor, there are chances of cut marks as well as it’s a painful method for girls.

Mostly female do not like to use razors on their pelvic areas frequently as men normally do.

Razors can cause irritation on skin, redness on soft skin and will produce new hairs more quickly.

Eventually, we will talk about other permanent hair removal methods in ayurveda.

It is strongly recommended that if you want to plan full body laser hair removal plan, research well.

Know much about cost of laser hair removal with before and after precautions from some certified and authentic doctor.


  1. Diode laser hair removal Technique / Types of Permanent Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal
Laser Hair Removal

The word laser hair removal instantly clicks the minds with some surgery or doctors procedure. Due to phobia of surgery, people ask different questions.

We have tried in this article to answer following questions that are mostly inquired regarding “Laser Hair Removal”.

When inquired about Brazilian laser hair removal, first of all you need to get answer of following question.

  • How does laser hair removal work?
  • How do they do laser hair removal?
  • Ideal image laser hair removal
  • Is laser hair removal painful?
  • Is laser hair removal safe?

Types of Permanent Hair Removal

When to get laser hair removal? Will laser hair removal permanently remove hair?

Let’s go further into this study and find the following conclusions.

Laser hair removal is also in demand these days. Dr. Doris J. Day, professor of dermatology says that “laser works should be done by targeting the pigment available in the base of follicle”.

Light Sheer Duet is another type of permanent hair removal and in this method larger areas are covered without a messy gel .

It takes only 15 to 20 minutes to get rid of extra and unwanted hair on face, armpits or pubic area.

Girls also love to visit Spas for laser hair removal. It is best to go to doctor’s chamber who can treat you in best manners.

Expected Cost of Treatment may occur from $100 to $500 per session.


  1. Sugaring Treatment for permanent hair removal-Types of Permanent Hair Removal


While discussing about the home made and easily available creams, honey and hard wax are best ingredients to use. In this method wax is prepared.

There may be some burning, skin damage, premature aging and pigmentation for the first time using. Gradually using the same will diminish the side effects.

If you want to make sugar wax then you need to get some sugar, water, lemon juice, and glycerin.

Mix the liquid perfectly and apply on required area. Sugar wax is still painful and uncomfortable but there are less chances of redness.

Best Tip: Sugaring technique works well on almost all the body parts. But, the neck down area is highly recommended.

Threading-Types of permanent hair removal methods in ayurveda


Threading is also one of the high in demand and less expensive methods. In the Middle East and Indian region threading is widely accepted. By this method, there is less irritation and problems as compared to waxing.

Procedure of Threading:

Take a piece of thread and twist it by binding on the other end. Simply put the thread on hairs and twist it and simply pick upward. See the hairs catching in the trap of thread or not.

It is best to do threading on short hairs in the areas of eyebrows, chin, nostrils, upper lip and ears.

  1. Electrolysis Method-Types of Permanent Hair Removal


By the use of tiny needle in Electrolysis methods a shortwave radio frequency is generated in hair follicle and thus they are destroyed.

This method is used for all types of body hair and is used for skin colors i.e. white or blonde.

Overall cost on this method is bit high and ranges from $80-$100 per session.

The FDA concludes that 4 to 6 treatments are compulsory for better results. Types of permanent hair removal are many but in the Indian Territory permanent hair removal methods in ayurveda are high in demand.

Mild topical anesthetic is mostly used so rush towards a certified and licensed practitioner to avoid the risk of infection.

Types of Permanent Hair Removal

I agree that “no pain, no gain” but it is not always true and genuine. We are presenting some of the important and useful permanent hair removal methods.

Most of the time “long term hair removal” is selected. Due to painless method as compare to others, women love this.

Is It Possible to have permanent hair removal?

  • Often people inquire about:
  • laser hair removal results
  • when to get laser hair removal
  • will laser hair removal permanently remove hair
  • We reply simply with big “YES”.

How To Stop Hair Fall Immediately By Home Remedies

Surely you may get rid of your unwanted body hair but only with certain methods or machine?

We can go near to the 100 percent but cannot claim to be permanent hair removal. After some time hair start re-growing on the treated areas.

The time of re-growth may be varied from person to person.

FDA has approved Electrolysis as permanent hair removal technique.

But it is not for every user because multiple sessions are required in Electrolysis treatment.


Some Other Easy and Affording types of Permanent Hair Removal


Above narrated methods require you to spend some money to get rid of your body hair.

Here are almost free and easy to use methods including Tweezing, waxing, sugaring and threading but they can harm the hair follicle.


Yes there are bounty of gadgets, machines and treatments available in the market that claim to remove your body hair permanently. While reading their pamphlets it is clear that they twist the term ‘permanent’ with other substitutes.

The FDA has approved laser hair removal methods as permanent hair removal.  Now, you can solve the problem of unwanted hair for longer periods with multiple repeated sessions.

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How To Stop Hair Fall Immediately By Home Remedies

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