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What is an Insurance Policy | Full Guide 2019

How to Deal with Health Insurance | Full Guide 2019

What is insurance?

What is an Insurance Policy: Insurance is derived from the word assurance. In our todays life Insurance protects you from the uncertain risks of life including a house fire, accident or injury. There are many types of Insurance. The ultimate objective of Insurance is to avoid the risks and get money at the end.

Some of the insurance types include that pays you money when you get seriously and cannot perform work. Eventually, the companies try to save your family if you die. As everyone is busy in the hurries and worries of life, mishap can happen with anyone. Therefore, focus to save the future of your family.

How insurance works

Do you need insurance?

What is an Insurance Policy | Full Guide 2019

How insurance works?


Every adult in the modern word has some types of insurance to face like car insurance. With insurance policy, you can select the protection plan against the unseen challenges of life.

When you finalize your Health Insurance Plan, your Health Insurance Providing Agent calculates the risk factor. After calculation, you have to face a premium price depending upon your spending power.

Finally, when you fill your application form and insurance price, your life become insured from the different problems of world.

Major steps towards an Insurance Policy:


Select a policy plan. An insurance policy is a valid document that cover all the details of plan with coverage benefits and payment schedule. In most of the cases, travel insurance policy cover your medical bills also. People who love to travel frequently or go for mountains, they should get such insurance plan.

Pay the premium. The second step after filling of an application form is to pay the premium amount. Normally, people go for yearly or bi-annual plan but if your easy to pay, monthly plans are also available.

If you own an expensive car, must go for an auto insurance company and get an insurance plan for your vehicle. If you face an accident, your car insurance will cover the damages.

Make a claim in emergency. Incase you face a problem or an accident, you can claim on your insurance plan. You need to tell the insurance company about the incident. They will check the spot and vehicle and see as per rules of the company while making damages cost.

What is an Insurance Policy | Full Guide 2019


There are a few more things you should know about getting insurance.

Do you need insurance?

Auto Insurance

There are different types of insurance companies and their plans ranging from low to high. In present world, you can get coverage on almost everything including from wedding to your pets.

Some of the insurance forms are compulsory for everyone like you can’t drive a car without a car insurance. Also in case of mortgage, you need to get buildings insurance.

In view of the above, it is concluded that the most important thing in life is to protect yourself and your family. All the game of Life insurance or Health Insurance base on spending power. The more you pay annual premium, more you will get the benefits.

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Question yourself what’s more important in your life:

  1. It is strongly recommended, if you are going to abroad, must take a travel insurance for a safe life.
  2. If you have kids, it is also important to get your children fully insured or you can buy an education insurance plan for them.
  3. Life uncertainty and unseen challenges are many. Therefore, keep our life safe and insured to face problems at some time.
  4. Always see your spending power and then take any health insurance plan. Do not spend much and face heavy debit.

What is an Insurance Policy | Full Guide 2019


Check the other detail about Insurance Plans:

Types of insurance


  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Building Insurance
  • Auto Insurance
  • Education Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Asset Insurance


Self Questions:

Do you really need to buy a life insurance plan?

Do think appropriate to buy a travel insurance?

Income protection insurance?


In my personal opinion, everyone should get an insurance plan in his life. Nobody know what will happen tomorrow, therefore, make your future life safe and secured.


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