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What is Healthy Teeth [Basics Home Remedies for Dental Health]


What is Healthy Teeth: Our Mouth is the entry point of our face and body. Everyone must take care of his mouth and teeth every day. Always focus to make healthy teeth by certain methods and daily cleaning routine. In this article we will discuss the important tips and techniques to keep your dental health effectively.

What is Healthy Teeth?

It is a general perception that a healthy life is always with healthy and stronger teeth. For stronger teeth, healthy gums contribute much in sustaining the good health of our mouth. If our teeth are neat, clean and odor free, must consider that they are healthy ones.

Bright and shiny teeth make the smile beautiful and also amplify the personality. It has been observed that people who do not care for their teeth, they lose them quickly. Medical practitioners recommend cleaning your teeth twice a day. First, in the morning you must keep your teeth clean and once in the night before going to bed.

Home Remedies for Healthy Teeth – Dental Health Basics

Research revealed that there is a direct connection between health, mouth and overall body health. In simple words, if anyone can chew hard things or can peel sugarcane by his teeth, they have healthy teeth. Hope you got the answer to your questions regarding “What is Healthy Teeth”.

Those who are unable to chew maize or hard fruits must care for hygiene and dental health. Today we will share step by step information regarding Natural Ways to Make Teeth Strong & Healthy.

Know more about what is Healthy Teeth

Keeping in view the importance of the teeth, simply consider that no one can eat anything without the perfect teeth. With the passage of time, our teeth become week and start breaking.

If we care daily for our mouth and dental structure, dental health life can be increased. First, you need to take good care of your overall health.

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There is no need to spend money on expensive dental treatments. Simplicity is the best option for perfect and stronger teeth. Always maintain your daily cleaning habits without fail.

What is Healthy Teeth

Here are some of the dental health basics that can help you to prevent tooth decay, bad breath and gum diseases, etc.

It is also noticed that people having poor dental health exhibit bad mouth smell. Infected and unclean tooth also damage gums whereas strong shining teeth makes the face attractive and pretty.

Best Tips for Healthy Teeth

Here are some of the most important and useful health tips to care for your teeth. Get a new look and charm in your personality. Make your habit to brush your teeth for twice a day every day.

Brush your teeth and gums with some suitable toothpaste gently. Brushing time of teeth should be morning before breakfast and evening after having dinner. See if your brush is proper for cleaning and reaches to the ends of the tooth root.

In ancient time people used several home remedies for healthy teeth. They cleaned their teeth by branches of trees, salt, and soda. These are the best home remedies and natural health tips for healthy teeth.

Flossing is also excellent for teeth. People think that brushing simply is enough but I tell you that flossing at least once in a day contributes much to keep healthy teeth. Use an interdental cleaner if possible to floss gently.

Home Remedies for Healthy Teeth – Natural Methods

Here I will share with you some important and easy to use home remedies for Healthy Teeth.

Lemon and Salt Mixture: Best Remedies for Healthy Teeth

Procedure: Take one lemon of medium size, cut it into two pieces and takes its juice by squeezing. Add some salt in this juice and mix it properly. When you make a paste, gently apply it with a brush to your teeth and clean gently.

After five minutes of cleaning wash and see the difference. You will notice a new look, shine and pretty fragrance from your mouth and teeth.

Clean your teeth with Baking Soda:

Procedure: Baking soda is a proven technique for strong and healthy teeth. Take ½ teaspoon of Soda and ½ teaspoon of Salt. Mix both properly and then try cleaning your teeth gently. After a few minutes, you will notice an amazing difference in cleanliness.

What to avoid for Healthy Teeth

For healthy and stronger teeth must avoid several things as mentioned below. Strictly stay away from sugary beverages. Sugary beverages create cavities because sugar transforms into acids which create an environment for sore teeth.

In women area mostly girls ask about what is Healthy Teeth, or Basics Home Remedies for Dental Health, we suggest simplest following health tips.

What is Healthy Teeth
What is Healthy Teeth

Avoid Cold beverages because cold water and liquids spoil the gums and damage roots of teeth causing toothache. Also, stay away from hot liquids that are also against the policy of dental health.

What to Eat for Healthy Teeth

Try to consume foods that are rich with calcium and vitamin D. These are essential building blocks for strong teeth. Consume a balanced amount of calcium and vitamin-D by selecting from your daily diet plans.

In summer seasons must peel sugarcane with your teeth. In this way, your gums will be strong and it’s a proper exercise for your mouth muscles.

Precautions for Healthy Teeth

Keep your toothbrush covered and place it in a safe and germs free area. Use recommended toothpaste and wash the brush properly. Always utilize a brush cap for protection from dust and contamination.

Always replace your old brush with a new one after 02 to 03 months. Intake more water daily that is helpful for healthy teeth. It is the viewpoint of experts that drinking water during a meal is helpful for dental health naturally.


While discussing the above factors, it is concluded that daily cleanliness, use of proper foods and staying away from cold beverages are the best source for healthy teeth. If you feel infection or toothache, rush towards your doctor and get the examination. Teeth are the biggest blessing so care for your teeth to savor life.

If you like the information, kindly share it with your friends and loving ones because “Sharing is caring” and your one share may save people from hardships of dental decay and sore teeth.

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